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About Us

Established in 2017, Luxor Fragrances is recognised as one of the UK's fastest-growing niche fragrance houses.

Each scent is blended in England. From combining only premium quality materials and extracts to create fine fragrance-grade oils, to labelling each bottle and carefully packaging them into elegant presentation boxes, every facet of the finished product is handcrafted without compromise.

The extracts and oils that combine to create each fragrance are some of the very same compounds used by the world's most famous fragrance houses. All finished scents in the range boast a concentration of 40%, meaning that they are classed as "pure perfume". Luxor Fragrances therefore remains dedicated to delivering exceptionally well-performing luxury fragrances at an attractive price.

The concept for Luxor Fragrances is simple: create an affordable range of premium niche fragrances inspired by some of the greatest - and most expensive - scents available today. The concept rings true now as much as ever, with a growing range of sixty-four inspired fragrances, each one crafted by hand and blended to match (and sometimes exceed) the strength and performance of vastly more expensive fine fragrances.

Luxor Fragrances also offers a range of original creations for the discerning customer who wishes to smell positively unique. These fragrances are one-of-a-kind; challenging, rewarding and opulent in every sense, they follow the same handcrafted process that makes the range of inspired fragrances of such high-quality and performance.

Think of all of Luxor Fragrances' scents as journeys. Believe in the transportive power of niche fragrances and their ability to create a mood and construct an atmosphere, and you will receive a potent taste of new and exotic worlds in each and every bottle.

It is Luxor Fragrances' fundamental belief that there is a perfect perfume for everybody, and with an offering of sixty-seven scents, a balanced palette is presented to the customer, from which they can experiment and engage upon a journey to find their defining fragrance.