About Us

Founded in early 2017 by Jonathan Storey, a lifelong fragrance enthusiast, Luxor Fragrances began its life as Scent of Success and operated through Instagram with a rapid response. Due largely to the success of its best-selling interpretation of Creed Aventus, the company quickly attracted a loyal customer base in its native UK.

Inspired by a holiday to Las Vegas, Jonathan was fortunate enough to visit Luxor Las Vegas, the larger-than-life hotel and casino. During his visit, he was overwhelmed by the many and varied fragrances worn by the casino's top patrons, and he noted that such smells emit an aura of class, confidence and elegance. When he returned to England, Jonathan had a vision to convert his stimulating experience into the ultimate perfumery concept.

Over the course of the next year, Luxor Fragrances came into fruition, offering parfum-grade interpretations of the world's most delicious and exclusive fragrances at an affordable price. Luxor's primary goal is to make the experience of premium niche perfumery an affordable reality for everybody. The following are offered:

1. Premium interpretations of niche fragrances, modelled after only the finest, most sought-after scents not found on your typical high street.

2. Original fragrances that inspire and challenge the status quo.

3. A cost-effective, highly economical alternative to buying extortionate niche fragrances.

4. Innovative and colourful products that portray the intended atmosphere created by each scent.

The concept of Luxor Fragrances is made possible thanks to a small team based in Birmingham, England, with access to brilliant machinery and some of the finest essential oils and extracts currently available in the UK. For  interpretive fragrances, the preliminary scents are created using a process called "gas-liquid chromatography". Each blend is then boosted with a unique ratio of fragrance extracts relative to the genuine fragrance. This two-stage process is applied to all niche interpretations in our range. For Luxor's original fragrances, Jonathan works directly with his chemists to produce a scent that matches his vision.

Each finished perfume boasts a fragrance content of 40%, which places it firmly in "Extrait De Parfum" territory, or Parfum, for short. Fragrances could be concentrated to an even higher level, but this would not only compromise the spritz consistency, but also the performance of the scent and its ability to project once on the skin. This level of concentration guarantees strength and longevity that is likely to outperform many niche fragrances available for upwards of £300 per bottle, saving you an incredible amount of money, whilst delivering a superior experience.