Adventine – Inspired by Creed Aventus™

Let us put our money where our mouth is. Order a 2ml sample of Adventine and if you find that it is not an incredible alternative to Creed Aventus™, we will refund you every penny - no questions asked.
Luxor Fragrances' best-selling fragrance and one that needs no introduction.

Modelled on Creed Aventus' specific batch "16M01", this is a winning blend of pineapple freshness in the opening and a beautifully complex, smoky hit of birch and musk in the drydown.

We won't dwell on creating a wordy description for Adventine. Simply put: this is the greatest alternative to Creed Aventus™ that you will likely find on the market, anywhere. Let us put our money where our mouth is - order a 2ml sample and if you find that it is not to your liking, we will refund you every penny - no questions asked.

Trending UK price for Creed Aventus™
£230/100ml (and rising - last updated June 2018)

Fragrance Notes
Blackcurrant, bergamot, apple, pineapple, rose, dry birch, jasmine, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, ambergris, vanilla



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Thomas crawley from St. Helens -
I honestly wish I could rate it higher, amazing customer service amazing scent no difference to aventus if anything slightly better in performance! Brill all round.
Igor from Latvia -
Amazing fragrance!
There is literally no difference at all between Adventine and Aventus!
This is my best blind buy so far!
Hassan from Birmingham -
Got adventine in the post today did compression with aventus sample it's bang on to my fruity batch sample love it can't stop smelling my arm guys don't wait around buy this instead off aventus you will love it 1000%
Rachael Pierce from Arlington, TX -
Smells as lush as the real thing.
Ian Wells from Manchester, UK -
This is my second bottle. Unreal, not touched the original since buying this. Just buy a bottle and don't bother with a sample. This is perfect. PLEASE don't change it
Matthew Jupp from County Durham, England -
Ok fair enough this is one good copy!! Go luxor replicating those long lost Creed batches, lol. ☺