Frequently Asked QuestionsWe are regularly contacted with a variety of questions. To help our regular and prospective customers out, we have compiled below a list of the most common queries. For your convenience, we will update and expand this page whenever we respond with a useful answer to a new question.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
We aim to deliver all UK orders within a maximum of five working days. This is often sooner. Orders posted to Europe and beyond typically take up to fourteen working days to arrive.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! And we offer international shipping at the attractive fixed rate of £10 or completely FREE for all orders totalling £120 or more. Please visit our Delivery & Returns section for more information.

Can I have some free samples?
We do not offer free samples on request. Sprayable 2ml samples are £5 each. This is a reasonable asking price for 15 sprays of a premium product. Being asked this question daily on our social media platforms, we can say in complete confidence that we would have ceased trading long ago if we fulfilled every request for free samples.

Your inspired fragrances seem expensive! Why is this?
We feel that our £50 average price for 50ml of a skilfully-crafted, parfum-grade fragrance in quality packaging is excellent value. As an independent fragrance house, we shed blood, sweat and tears to craft each fragrance from our repertoire and the process isn't cheap for us. Read more on the process in our About Us section.

Can't I just buy cheaper fragrances from other companies?
Of course you can. We prefer not to directly comment on the quality of other companies' perfumes, but you will generally find you get what you pay for. Remember, also, that fragrances spanning our entire range are concentrated to perfume extract-standard. Not many companies can boast this level of concentration.
Your fragrances smell fantastic. Can I buy wholesale off you?
Yes. Wholesale orders begin at 10 x 50ml bottles. Please get in touch with us before you place an order this large to be eligible for the wholesale rate.

Which of your fragrances are male or female?
The majority of our fragrances are unisex and we encourage everybody simply to wear what they enjoy the smell of.

Can I please be sent some samples to review for my blog or video channel?
We love to hear from people interested in taking our fragrances for a spin and making public their opinion. Please get in touch if this is you.

How do I get a refund?
We politely decline refunds due to the nature of our products. We highly recommend purchasing a 2ml sample before opting for a bigger bottle. The only instance in which refunds are granted is if goods are incorrect, faulty or damaged upon receipt. Should you wish to part with a purchased fragrance, we suggest trading it online.

What ingredients are in your products?
Ingredient profiles for all of our products are included in full on the fragrance label. Should you wish to view the ingredients for a particular fragrance before you place an order, please drop us a line. We recommend that you always test each product on a small patch of skin before using it as you ordinarily would.

Will your fragrances give me an allergic reaction?​
We hope not, but we cannot guarantee 100%. If you are concerned, please check the ingredient profile on the reverse of your fragrance. Our blends contain ingredients typical of all major fragrances. We always recommend that you test our fragrances on a small area of inconspicuous skin before you apply elsewhere. Naturally, Luxor Fragrances cannot bear any responsibility for allergic reactions occurring.


Luxor Fragrances will never knowingly infringe registered trademarks. Should such an incident occur, we will endeavour to correct it.