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Frequently Asked Questions

Luxor Fragrances is regularly contacted with a variety of questions. To help prospective customers out, we have compiled below a list of the most common queries. For your convenience, we will update and expand this page whenever we respond with a useful answer to a new question.

Where does the name Luxor Fragrances originate?
Luxor is commonly known as a region of Egypt, but the "Luxor" in Luxor Fragrances pays homage to a trip that Jonathan, the company founder, took to the American hotel and casino, Luxor Las Vegas.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Please refer to our "Delivery & Returns" section for detailed information.

Do you ship worldwide?
We currently only ship within the UK. Please refer to our "Delivery & Returns" page for further information. UK legislation, logistics and costs make overseas orders an unlikely possibility for the foreseeable future.

Can I have some free samples?
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for free samples.

Why are your full bottles only 30ml?
Big things come in small packages. Our scents are olfactory powerhouses in a compact atomiser, guaranteed to be concentrated to 40% pure perfume. Each fragrance therefore requires no more than four sprays per application.

How should I apply your fragrances?
Personal preference is the winner here, although for the newcomer we suggest a spray on each clavicle and a spray on each wrist. Spraying your clavicles offers the benefit of being able to take in your fragrance every time you turn your head, whilst applying to each wrist enhances the journey of the scent as we tend to animate conversations with our hands. Please do not be tempted to rub your wrists together after spraying, as the heat generated will simply cause your fragrance to evaporate sooner.

Can I buy wholesale?
We do not currently cater for wholesale orders.

Which of your fragrances are male or female?
The majority of our fragrances are unisex and we encourage everybody simply to wear what they enjoy the smell of. That said, we have labelled some of our inspired scents as "For Him" and "For Her", in keeping with the names of the fragrances that they are inspired by.

Can I please feature Luxor Fragrances in my blog or YouTube channel?
We love to hear from people interested in taking our fragrances for a spin and making public their opinion. Please get in touch if this is you.

How do I get a refund?
We politely decline refunds due to the nature of our products. We highly recommend purchasing a 2ml sample before opting for a bigger bottle. The only instances in which refunds are granted is if goods are incorrect, faulty or damaged upon receipt. Should you wish to part with a purchased fragrance, we suggest trading it online.

What ingredients are in your products?
Ingredient profiles for our fragrances are included in full on the respective product labels. Should you wish to view the ingredients for a particular fragrance before you place an order, please get in touch. We recommend that you always test each product on a small patch of skin before using it as you ordinarily would.

Will your products give me an allergic reaction?
We hope not, but we cannot guarantee 100%, and this is a liability assumed by every fragrance and cosmetics company. If you are concerned, please check the ingredient profile on the label of your fragrance. Our scents contain ingredients typical of all commercial variants. We always recommend that you test on a small area of inconspicuous skin before you apply elsewhere. Naturally, Luxor Fragrances cannot bear any responsibility for the unlikely occurrence of allergic reactions.