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Inspired by Clive Christian™

Unique. Rewarding. Sophisticated.
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Elite (30ml)
Inspired by Clive Christian No. 1™. Starting with intensely green herbal notes of bergamot, lime and mandarin, Elite soon plunges into a carnal world of cardamom-spiced rich vanilla, amber and sandalwood.
Impression For Her (30ml)
Inspired by Clive Christian X Feminine™. A comforting and stunning fragrance. Jasmine is refreshed and made momentarily sharp by fruit notes such as tart rhubarb and juicy peach and pineapple.
Impression For Him (30ml)
Inspired by Clive Christian X Masculine™. Take the lushest jasmine and light it on fire with the warming spices of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom.
Luxury For Her (30ml)
Inspired by Clive Christian L Feminine™. Energetic and complex, Luxury For Her is, to even experienced noses, one of the lushest rose scents that likely exists.
Luxury For Him (30ml)
Inspired by Clive Christian L Masculine™. An intricately spiced, deeply woody masculine fragrance that positively hums with life.