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Inspired by Kilian™

Daring. Abstract. Luxurious.
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Comparsa (30ml)
Inspired by Kilian Water Calligraphy™. Luxor Fragrances' Comparsa blends a harmonious duo of sparkling grapefruit zest and reseda blossom, underlined by dewy water lily to awaken the senses.
Familiarity (30ml)
Inspired by Kilian Back To Black™. Familiarity is an olfactory trip to Arabia. The tobacco accord is slyly evoked through the herbal, faintly animalic scent of chamomile laced with honey.
Heavenly (30ml)
Inspired by Kilian Straight To Heaven™. Rum soaked and boozy fabulous, Heavenly is pure decadence.
Hiraeth (30ml)
Inspired by Kilian Black Phantom™. Hiraeth is a rich and decadent blend that will please just about everyone. Its top notes have a dangerous glitter to them, like a glass of rum rimmed in cane sugar set alight.
Nuance (30ml)
Inspired by Kilian Love™. Nuance captures that sweet transition from innocence to worldly, but it never crosses the line into beat-you-over-the-head sexy territory.
Vegas (30ml)
Inspired by Kilian In The City of Sin™. When the door opens onto a universe without limits, the quest for ecstasy is unlocked. Vegas embodies temptation that leads to carnal desire.