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Inspired by Tom Ford™

Varied. Complex. Unmistakable.
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Affluence (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Tobacco Oud™. Affluence is inspired by “dokha”, a traditional “blend of herbs, flowers and spice-laden tobacco”. And a heady blend it is.
Ascension (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford White Suede™. Ascension opens with a sexily sharp burst of lily-of-the-valley, rose, and saffron that ignites the senses.
Hedonist (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille™. In the sumptuous Hedonist, a gourmand, marzipan-like fruit chewiness greets you at the gate.
Lavandula (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Lavender Palm™. This is a creative take on the free–spirited ethos and chic elegance that defines California.
Maritime (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Oud Minérale™. Vivid and exuberant, Maritime is that rare fragrance as refreshing conceptually as it is on skin.
Mystique (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Violet Blonde™. A fragrance that makes unabashed, feminine elegance exciting again. Mystique revives the glamorous past of perfumery.
Neroli (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Neroli Portofino™. A confident and assured holiday scent, Neroli opens with a luscious burst of citrus notes, including bergamot, lemon and pittosporum.
Nocturna (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Noir De Noir™. With Nocturna, black is indeed the name of the game. But once you adjust your eyes, the rose and its handmaidens glimmer like rich jewels glowing in the dark.
Orient (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Japon Noir™. Orient produces an immediate element of exotic danger, like in the best of woody orientals or darkest leathery chypres.
Palatial (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Tuscan Leather™. A smoky leather accord combines with jasmine to create a scent paradox: a perfume that's both clean and sultry, bone-dry and sweet.
Persia (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Arabian Wood™. Persia is a carefully crafted blend that captures the mystique of the east and celebrates its heritage.
PG-13 (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous™. Clary sage and lavender top out the scent, their clean, smoky greenness meshing seamlessly with plush orris butter to form a leather note that’s both soft and aromatic.
Riviera (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Costa Azzurra™. Riviera captures the evocative mix of island woods on the desirable destination of Sardina, with its unique aroma of salty beaches, dry herbs, evergreen trees and driftwood.
Sophistique (30ml)
Inspired by Tom Ford Oud Wood™. In Sophistiqué, you'll find a powerful blend of cool spices and smoky woods, softened with a hint of vanilla and tonka bean.